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Financing, Investments, JV


Financing, Investments, JV

Esteema – Perfect Business Partnership

We work as a business partner or an extension, to allow you add additional revenue, offer additional services to your client

Esteema Capital Partner is leader in financing for the UK & International client. Esteema leverage & syndicate financing provide better financing & almost guaranteed success, where traditional lender cannot compete with. This help to create more success, more revenue, and more client than traditional financial method. We have multilayer financing model to meet any complex financing.

  • Exceptional Pool of Funding Line ( UK & International)
  • Global Funders: Private Equity, Insurance Funds, Investment Banks, Pension funds etc
  • End-to-end Funding: Senior Debt, Mezzanine, JV & Equity
  • Revolving Credit Line for regular business
  • 360º Credit Risk Mitigation Underwriting Team for assured success

Our Introducer

We are working in close partnership with various introducer e.g. Bankers, IFAs , Mortgage & Insurance broker, Accountants, Solicitors, Architects, Builders & Contractors etc. We get regular referral from professional; their organisation cannot support. We always help their clients in a complete discretely manner without any conflict of interest and adding additional revenue to the introducer professional.

Why are we different and what we offer?

  • More Success & More Revenue because of our exceptional expertise in UK & global leverage & Syndicate financing than any other traditional route.
  • Special & Discounted Financing Terms where the traditional lender cannot compete. It helps win-win situation for the client & Introducer for more business and more client.
  • Guaranteed Confidentiality both for the introducer and client. We get a regular referral from professional; their organisation cannot support. We always help their clients in a complete discretely manner without any conflict of interest and adding additional revenue to the introducer professional.
  • No Cross-selling of any other products or services: We always safeguard introducer interest as a priority. If any additional product demand by the client, we always keep the introducer in confidence without any conflict of interest.
  • Client Relationship Control: we have standard NDA & NC agreement signed with each introducer for complete peace of mind to our introducer so that they have full control of their client. If the client comes back in future, we always refer to the introducer and keep them fully informed.

What Information Does an Introducer Have to Provide to Qualify As A Referral?

We are a very flexible finance organisation and really value our introducers. As such are keen to make sure we make the whole process easy for everyone involved. We offer two option

Option 1:  Simply refer to the client detail with a need for finance. We will register the detail in your name.

Option 2: you can chat through the enquiry giving us the information you have, send us a fully packaged application with completed esteema Finance Application form.

What Products Do You Offer Through Your Panel of Introducers?

We offer comprehensive financing & investment expertise for

  • Financing: Real Estate Investments, Developments, SMEs & Corporate Financing
  • Equity Investment: Direct or Indirect lending, JV & Investments in real estate
  • Real estate transaction: sales, purchase and distressed

Please refer to our website home page for all the products and services. We can make complete bespoke financing which may not be presented on our main website because of space constraint.

How Will I Know Whether My Referrals Are Successful?

We keep you updated every step of the way. Throughout the process, we will provide regular progress reports over the phone, by email, or text message -whichever route works best for you.

What Happens If My Client Comes Back To You Without Involving Me?

Whenever one of our introducer’s clients come back to us, we always inform the introducer as soon as we receive the enquiry and of course treat the client as if the enquiry had come directly through them.

This means you will still receive your introducer commission, still benefit from our no cross-selling agreement, which means we will never sell a product to your client that you can offer yourself.

How Do I Register to As An Introducer?

We offer complete & guaranteed discrete introducer services, especially for the working professional. We offer a very flexible proposition for all our introducer

Please contact us by email/phone and we will discuss the working and revenue arrangement on mutual agreement basis for long term business relationship.

Contact us

Please contact us for the strategic business partnership for the mutual business growth 

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