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Real Estate Investments & Development

(Any Purpose – Any Amount – Any Background)


Real Estate Investments & Development

(Any Purpose – Any Amount – Any Background)

“A joint venture, also known as equity loan finance or JV development funding, is where developers & investors/funders pool their resources to fund a project through to completion. Most developers need JV or equity for real estate development opportunities.”

We provide funding for

  • New Development, Refurbishments, Conversion,
  • Land with or without planning
  • Incomplete projects
  • Businesses & Corporate
  • Any Special or Distressed Situation

What makes Esteema JV & Equity Funding ‘DIFFERENT?

  • Specialist UHNI & Investment Funds for Quick Decision & Quick Funding
  • Syndicate Funding Structure: Lending & Financing for high leverage
  • One-Stop Funding Structure: Senior Debt, Mezzanine, JV & Equity
  • End-To-End Funding Structure (Acquisition- Development – Exit)
  • Credit Line for multiple projects
  • Expert & 360º Credit Risk Mitigation Underwriting Team for assured success
  • Up to 100% Funding

Real estate JV development and equity financing is a very complex procedure, which needs expertise in real estate & corporate financing and construction know-how. The good news is that our unparalleled specialities in development finance, helped our numerous clients to get finance where traditional finance can not compete.  We have special funding facilities to support the real estate development industry for

‘Any Purpose – Any Amount – Any Background’


Esteema JV & Equity Funding Proposition can support all types of real estate development projects

Esteema Specialist Terms

Other Traditional Lender
Equity Size£1M to £100MNot Available
Equity % Up-to 97% of the project cost / Equity
(up to 100% option also available)
Not Available
Interest RateRisk Rated Return ( IRR 20-30% or Combination of Coupon & Profit Share)
Not Available
Any Location✓ UK & Prime Location GloballyNot Available
Any Development✓ Residential,
✓ Commercial or Mixed
✓ Hotel & leisure
✓ Healthcare
✓ Student Accommodation
Not Available
Any Background✓ Experienced UK & International DeveloperNot Available
Any Purpose✓ New Development,
✓ Refurbishments,
✓ Conversion,
✓ Land with or without planning
✓ Distressed Situation

Not Available

Developer’s Benefits

✓ The developer retains full ownership of their scheme
✓ The developer, therefore, retains full control of their scheme
✓ We are flexible with lower hurdles and 50/50 profit share or higher hurdles and lower profit share if preferred
✓ We can provide seed capital as well – Pari passu with the developer

JV & Equity Finance Guide

JV & Equity Finance Documents

The following are the standard documents required for JV & Equity finance:

  • KYC: ID, Address proof, Personal & Professional History, and credit report for all the Borrower, Director, Partners & Major Shareholders
  • SPV: Structure, Directors, Shareholders, UBO, and registered address
  • Money Laundering Documents: Assets & Liability Statements, Income & Expenditures Statements, Equity (deposit) proof
  • Income proof (may be required): Last 3-year accounts/tax return, 3 Month Bank Statements (Personal & Business)
  • Collateral: Full descriptions, brochure, valuation report (if available), tenancy schedule (if applicable)
  • Purpose:  Purchase, Refinance, Restructure, Investments, Developments, Business purpose, Refurbishments

JV & Equity Finance FAQs

Can You Offer 100% Development Finance Without A Profit Share?

Yes, it is possible to take out development finance without putting down a deposit or profit-sharing with a joint venture partner.

In order to do this, you would be expected to provide additional security in lieu of a deposit by way of a charge over another property, or properties. This could be your own home, investment properties, or even land that is to be used for future developments.

100% funding without additional security will always result in a profit share.

Do I Qualify?

In order to qualify, you will need to meet the following criteria:-

  • Be an experienced developer – this means you will have completed at least one development of a similar scale to the one you’re proposing.
  • Have a profitable scheme – in excess of 20%, but ideally with a margin of over 30%.
  • Your project has full planning permission in place.
  • The gross development value is at least £1,000,000.

How Does it Work?

The property will be placed in a special purpose vehicle (SPV). The SPV will usually be owned by the funder, with a guarantee in your favor.

The Benefits of Joint Venture Development Finance

Using a JV development finance lender instead of using your own funds allows you to develop quickly without having to tie up your own funds. By taking this route, although profits are shared, more projects can be taken on, meaning your potential profit can actually grow.

By taking on an SPV with the lender, you would also save significantly on legal fees, with only one set of legal fees being payable.

Where projects are located nearby, cost savings can be made by sharing resources between your sites.

How Are Joint Venture Development Finance Applications Assessed?

Joint venture property development lenders are taking all of the financial risks of the application and will want to see a reward for doing so. As such, applications are subject to strict underwriting on the following basis:

  • Experience: This is crucial, as lenders want to ensure you have a track record of delivering the sort of scheme you are looking to build out.
  • Profit: Funders will assess the likely profit in two ways:
    • Firstly, they will judge the uplift in the total cost of at least 30% for the scheme to be viable. It goes without saying, but the higher the margin, the more attractive the proposal.
    • Secondly, potential JV partners will generally only get involved in sites with a GDV over £1m. Sites above £2,000,000 tend to be the most attractive due to the increased potential profit.
  • Exit: Another key point is exiting the loan. The demand must be strong for the finished units. Your scheme must be able to demonstrate saleability. The location of the site tends to go hand in hand with this point.

What Information Will I Need to Supply?

In order to assess a potential application, we usually need to see the following information:-

  • A fully completed proposal form (get in touch and we can send you one).
  • Your development CV.
  • A detailed schedule of works.
  • A detailed schedule of costs.
  • A full copy of planning permissions (or a link to the planning portal showing permissions).
  • Detail around the end value of the scheme.


100% development finance is offered on a profit share basis, with an agreed split on completion shared.

JV & Equity Finance Costs

The following costs should be considered at the time of availing the JV & Equity Finance:

  • Arrangement Fee: The arrangement fee or the facility fee, is usually charged by the lender as a set-up fee for the loan
  • Exit Fee: The fee is payable to the lender when repaying the loan
  • Broker Fees: These are the fees payable to the Broker for finding the best lenders and managing the application to completion
  • Valuation Fees: This is the fee that has to be paid to the valuer, who shall be instructed by the lender to furnish a report on the collateral/project
  • Legal Fee: Usually, the borrower would have to pay the legal fee for their own solicitors as well as the lender’s solicitors fee

Completion Timeframe

We always aim to bespoke the ‘Financing Time Plan and Finance T & C, to meet the individual requirement. Our standard indicative timeframe :

  • Initial Finance Terms: We usually provide Initial Finance Terms within 24-48 hours.
  • Emergency Finance:  We can complete the finance within 48 hours in case of any emergency or distressing situation.
  • Standard Finance:   We usually complete Standard Finance within 4-6 weeks.

Notes: Financing time frame & Finance T &C are always subject to providing all satisfactory documentation, full credit underwriting,  valuation and legal.

Jargon Buster

Please refer to the Knowledge Bank section for more information

Key Factors Affecting JV & Equity Funding

Personal Profile

✓ Personal & Business Profile
✓ Key Professional Team Profile
✓ Professional Experience & Track Record
✓ SPV Structure & Location

Collateral Profile

✓ Development Type
✓ (Residential / Commercial / Mixed)
✓ Location
✓ Sales & Rental Demand

Exit Strategy

✓ Sales
✓ Rental
✓ Mixed
✓ Others

Esteema Syndicate & Structured Financing Expertise provides the complete peace of mind. Please contact us in confidence for

‘Quick Decision – Quick Financing’


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