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Purchase, New Built, Expansion Restructuring

(Any Purpose - Any Amount - Any Background)


Purchase, New Built, Expansion Restructuring

(Any Purpose - Any Amount - Any Background)

“The Medical & healthcare sector consists of businesses that provide any services e.g. medical caring, supplies or manufacturing e.g.

  • Residential Care Homes or Nursing Homes
  • Specialist Care Units such as Learning Disabilities etc.
  • Private Hospitals & Day Care Centres
  • Children’s Homes including all types of Specialist Childcare
  • Pharmacy shop
  • GP Surgery & Clinics
  • Dentist Practices

Why makes Esteema Medical Financing ‘DIFFERENT?

  • Healthcare industry Expert ( Acquisition – Expansion – Restructuring)
  • High Leverage Financing, where the traditional lender cannot compete.
  • Flexible Underwriting & Risk Mitigation for ‘ Quick Decision- Quick Financing’
  • Revolving Credit Line for Multiple Acquisition & Portfolio growth
  • Specialist Funds ( UK & Global) for Any Complex financing need
  • End to End Funding Structure: Senior Debt, Mezzanine, JV & Equity

Medical & Healthcare financing is very complex because of various financial & business covenant regulation. it needs exceptional expertise

  • Healthcare as the ‘real estate & corporate’ industry,
  • Financing & legal structuring,
  • Global capital market access
  • Credit risk mitigation underwriting

We, at esteema, are proud to inform that we support this expertise for all types of investments & financing need, where traditional finance can not compete with. we have special funding facilities term

‘Any Purpose – Any Amount – Any Background’

Esteema Healthcare Finance

Traditional Financing
✓ Any Purpose Finance Purchase, New Built, Investment
M&A, Restructure etc
✓ Any Type FinanceShort Term, Medium-term ,Long-Term Loan No
✓ Any type of HospitalityYesNo
✓ Any Borrower (UK & International)YesNo
✓ ANY SPV (UK or Offshore)YesNo
✓ Any Location (UK or Globally)YesNo
✓ Multi-Currency & Cross Border FundingYesNo
✓ Loan SizeNo Upper LimitVery Restricted
✓ LeverageUp to 70% Very Restricted
✓ Interest Ratefrom 1.75% +From 4%+ onward
✓ Bespoke & Flexible Terms YesNo

Key Factors Affecting Medical & Healthcare Finance

Personal Profile

✓ Personal & Business Profile
✓ Professional Team Profile
✓ Professional Experience & Track Record
✓ SPV Structure & Location

Collateral Profile

✓ Healthcare Types
✓ Location & Demand
✓ Target business inflow
✓ Operator / lease option terms


✓ Past Accounts / or Rental income
✓ Projected P&L, Net Income
✓ Operator / Covenant Financial Strength
✓ Lease terms/break clause (in any)

Medical & Healthcare Finance Guide

Medical & Healthcare Finance Documents

Following are the standard documents subject to the purpose of the finance

EXISTING HEALTHCARE FINANCING: The following are the standard documents required for MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE FINANCE.


  • KYC: ID, Address proof, Personal & Professional profile about the Healthcare industry experience, Credit report for all the Borrower, Director, Partners & Major Shareholders
  • Borrowing  Structure:  Personal /Partnership/Corporate structure full detail & flow chart, Directors, Shareholders, UBO, and registered address
  • Money Laundering Documents: Assets & Liability Statements, Income & Expenditures Statements, Equity (deposit) proof


  • Collateral: Full descriptions, brochure, valuation report (if available),
  • Operation Profile:
    • Operator (self-operation or management, full details & terms conditions) or
    • Rental ( Tenancy profile, experience detail, financial strength/profile )
  • Financial:
    • As an owned business/ operator: Past Operating accounts, Projected Accounts & Cashflow for new built / expansion or restructuring.
    • As an investor:  Tenant Operator profile, experience, team, financial Strength & accounts, Projected Accounts & Cashflow for new built / expansion or restructuring. Lease terms/break clause
  • Purpose:  Purchase, Refinance, Restructure, Investments, Developments, Business purpose, Refurbishments


NEW BUILT HEALTHCARE / EXPANSION: The following are the additional documents in addition to the above documents,  for the ‘NEW BUILT / EXPANSION’  

  • Proposed new healthcare /expansion information:  Full detail about the type & location, Planning permission documents, CGI drawing, build & contracting team and their profile. Build cost & professional cost summary
  • Financial Appraisal: Business Plan with full detail on the borrower, Equity investors, Development appraisal, End Value (Gross Development Value )) & Stabilised value appraisal from the chartered surveyor/operator, Potential P & L and cash flow.

Medical & Healthcare Finance FAQ?

How much can I borrow?

This really does depend on the many factors as per the key factor affecting the Medical & healthcare finance. But in summary, most lender’s decision is based on the professional qualification & experience of the proprietors; security value; track record; business performance, affordability and a good business plan. If strong on all these criteria, 100% financing on very competitive rates is achievable.


Can I borrow with an adverse credit report?

Yes, you can. Whilst it is not ideal, we will look to understand your business, overall circumstances and your credit record and advise on the funding options open to you. We would strongly advise to inform us of any outstanding creditors, CCJs, arrears etc at the outset as this can save time, avoid unnecessary costs during the loan application process and position ourselves to place you with the right lender.


 I am a first-time operator or investor. Can I get the hotel finance?

Yes, we can help you to get finance even with no experience. We will advise you for the smooth financing procedure.


 I never built the medical practice or care home; can I get the finance for the new built?

Yes, we can help you to get finance even with no building experience. We will advise you for the smooth financing procedure for the new build.


Can I get the finance for a closed medical / healthcare business with no trading historical accounts?

Yes, we can help you to get the finance even with no historical accounts & experience. We will advise you for the smooth financing procedure for such an acquisition.

Medical & Healthcare Finance Costs

The following costs should be considered at the time of availing the Medical & Healthcare Finance:

  • Arrangement Fee: The arrangement fee or the facility fee, is usually charged by the lender as a set-up fee for the loan
  • Exit Fee: The fee is payable to the lender when repaying the loan
  • Broker Fees: These are the fees payable to the Broker for finding the best lenders and managing the application to completion
  • Valuation Fees: This is the fee that has to be paid to the valuer, who shall be instructed by the lender to furnish a report on the collateral/project
  • Legal Fee: Usually, the borrower would have to pay the legal fee for their own solicitors as well as the lender’s solicitors fee

Completion Timeframe

We always aim to bespoke the ‘Financing Time Plan and Finance T & C, to meet the individual requirement. Our standard indicative timeframe :

  • Initial Finance Terms: We usually provide Initial Finance Terms within 24-48 hours.
  • Emergency Finance:  We can complete the finance within 48 hours in case of any emergency or distressing situation.
  • Standard Finance:   We usually complete Standard Finance within 6-8 weeks.

Notes: Financing time frame & Finance T &C are always subject to providing all satisfactory documentation, full credit underwriting,  valuation and legal.

Jargon Buster

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‘Quick Decision – Quick Financing’

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