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Trusted Investment & Business Partnership

Esteema – Perfect Investment Partners

We work as a real estate investment partner to allow you to add additional revenue to your investments by investing in real estate.

Esteema Capital Partner is a leader in real estate financing in the UK and globally. Esteema leverage & syndicate financing provide better financing & investment opportunities for better profitability and revenue.

  • UK real estate investment & financing experts.
  • 360º Credit Risk Mitigation Underwriting.
  • Investment as: Direct real estate non-regulated lender or JV.
  • Exceptional Real Estate Investment opportunities for 100% capital safety and appreciation.
  • Distressed real estate investment opportunities
  • Real estate development opportunities  (as lender or JV)

Our Investor

We are working closely with various investors from the UK and globally.  We also work with Bankers, IFAs, Financial advisors, Accountants, Solicitors, Architects, Builders & Contractors, etc. for a regular referral.

We always work completely discretely without any conflict of interest and adding additional revenue to the real estate investors.

Why are we different, and what do we offer?

  • More Success and more Revenue because of our exceptional expertise in UK & global leverage and syndicate financing than any other traditional route. We get regular opportunities from our clients for real estate investments as you are a direct lender, JV, equity partner, etc. These opportunities are normally discreet, well-qualified and safe for capital safety and appreciation.  
  • Special & Discounted Pricing: We get real estate investment opportunities from various receivers, liquidators, etc., so they are always below the market valuation. There is an instant profit in most cases, and it also allows more profit from other value additions such as development or tenancy restructuring, etc.
  • Guaranteed Confidentiality: We always help their clients in a completely discrete manner without any conflict of interest and adding additional revenue to the introducer professional.
  • No Cross-selling of any other products or services: We always safeguard investors’ interests as a priority. If the client demands any additional product, we always keep the investors in confidence without any conflict of interest.
  • Client Relationship Control: We have a standard NDA & NC agreement signed with each introducer for complete peace of mind so that they have full control of their client. If the client comes back in the future, we always refer to the introducer and keep them fully informed.

What Information Does an Investor Have to Provide as an Investor?

We are an FCA-regulated financial advisor for Non-regulated Mortgages and credit Brokering, so we always follow regulator guidelines to check KYC and Money Laundering as a standard procedure.

We also need your preference for real estate investments

  • Real estate purchase as income assets
  • Real estate as development opportunities
  • Preferred sector: residential, commercial, hotels, student accommodation etc
  • Preferred time horizon: time scale
  • Approximate Investment amount
  • Investment SPV structure

What Opportunities Do We Offer to our Real estate investors?

We offer comprehensive financing & investment opportunities for all  types of real estate :

  • Financing as a lender or co-lender: Real Estate Investments, Developments, SMEs & Corporate Financing
  • Equity Investment: Direct or Indirect, JV ( Senior Debt, Mezzanine, Bridging or JV)
  • Real estate transaction: Sales, purchases and developments
  • Sectors: Residential, Commercial, Hotels, Mixed etc

Please refer to our website home page for all the products and services. We can make complete bespoke investment Opportunities.

How Will I Know Whether My Real Estate Investments are Successful?

We keep you updated every step of the way. Throughout the process, we will provide regular progress reports over the phone, by email, or by text -whichever route works best for you.

How Do I Register as An Real Estate Investor?

We offer complete & guaranteed discrete investor services.

Please get in touch with us by email/phone, and we will discuss the working and revenue arrangement on a mutual agreement basis for the long-term business relationship.

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